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  • polyvore
  • From United States
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  • the truth will set you free [[ or destroy you ]]
  • i owned every second that this world could give.
  • at every occasion i'll be ready for the funeral.
  • it feels so scary, getting old.

  • when you just can't seem to shake the weight of living
  • Since when did "I wanna hear your voice" not become a good excuse
  • there's comfort in the silence of a living room
  • His parliament's on fire and his hands are up

  • truth is, i care. i care too much about what you think of me.
  • `bad news on the tv, headlines and made up reality
  • i’ve been waiting to smile, been holding it in for a while
  • you were flowing through my veins
  • vulture
  • From Great Britain
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  • Me prendre a Paris
  • Sickly
  • Un cafe s'il vous plait
  • Feed me cake
  • c0ffee-kid
  • From Great Britain
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  • we all sleep but have different dreamz
  • wake n drake
  • all this pressure 2 b cool makes me a sad guy
  • get this $$$$$
  • jasmine
  • From Canada
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  • Eden
  • And Her Lips Are Like The Galaxy's Edge
  • Untitled #890
  • Still, the motion of your hair. Well, that could take me anywhere.

  • do what you love.
  • it's for school ;)
  • Untitled #706
  • sea, air & sun

  • the one thing i can say about benny
  • worst day of my
  • i can see clearly now
  • howlin

  • ugh
  • I want to make out with boys
  • radiate
  • thank you for choosing me.